Into the Mist Yellowstone


We stopped on Whisky Flats a couple of times on a recent winter trip to Yellowstone National Park. On this morning, we were treated to some lovely fog with just a bit of sun to cast shadows. Prints from a Snowshoe Hare disappear into the sparse woods.

It was a bit difficult to compose images here. The scene was amazing, but trees merged and crossed the shadows. It was a trick to balance the ethereal mist with sharpness of the trees.

Sony A7R3, 70mm, 1/1000 @ f/4.5, ISO 100.

Specific Feedback Requested:

@ jennatwitsend


Hi Jennifer, I was disappointed when I couldn’t find a photo under your first link, so happy you posted here. I have yet to visit Yellowstone in the Winter; I hear it’s a magical place. I think you did pretty well with your balancing act; the background trees slowly fade into mist. I like the parallel lines of the trees and their shadows. The tracks provide a great leading line into the woods.

I really like this image, Jennifer! It brings me back to my trips to Yellowstone. Your composition is perfect. I wonder what left these tracks :thinking:

Jennifer, you did very well pulling the different elements in this view together. The snow filled tracks and the not so deep shadows lead very well into the collection of tree trunks fading into the misty air. Your low contrast approach lets it all fit together very well.

Lovely. You definitely pulled things together in ways that work for me.