Iris Folds

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5ds-r, 180 macro lens at f 5.6, 1/250 and iso of 1600


Repost to show complete iris flower.

Wayne, that sure is a beautiful Iris, and I like the composition you used in the first image. Not stacking, of course everything isn’t in focus, but I like your choice of focus point. You might could have had more in focus if you had shot with maybe f9, but then your ISO would have gone up.

Very lovely! I think a good alternative composition would be to include the full beard in the frame, along with more of the lovely lighter tones cascading down on both sides of the beard. A little could be sacrificed on the top if you want to keep the same aspect ratio.

Hi @johnwayne i like the composition you went with, to me, it makes the eye go to the beautiful center, which is perfectly focused btw, and go up on the flowy folds, maybe.
I would also love to see @Diane_Miller alternative to give more detail on the bottom area.
Great job on the colours too.

Thanks to all for the great suggestions. Will try to post some of the changes later.

Well done Wayne. Nice to see the entire flower but the first post was very well done. I agree with Diane showing more of the beard bringing the flower up a bit more