I tend to photograph native flora but I will not pass by a striking garden flower, especially irises. This was taken at the formal garden in Shore Acres State Park, OR. It was the only one of this color pattern. The image is a rather significant crop of the original. I wish I had taken more time with this Iris when I was there and filled the frame with this framing.

Specific Feedback Requested

I appreciate any feedback

Technical Details

Canon R5, 100 macro, f/16, 1/200sec, hand held, significant crop

Hi Don,

This iris close-up provides a wonderful abstraction of the petals. The placement of the white area in the frame is perfect and the folding of the petals with contrasting colors creates some ideal patterns. Lots to see and I like this one as presented…Jim

Wow, Don, this has some wonderful colors to it. And Shore Acres State Park is a terrific place. I like the composition and you have some great sharpness front to back on this, especially a single shot. Well done. The detail is fantastic. I can’t think of anything to change on this, it is awesome.


I can see why you were drawn to this - the colors are fantastic. The way you’ve tightened the view reminds me of fireworks. The way the shapes unfurl and seem to be frozen in the act of exploding outward. Nicely done.

I almost missed this one – got distracted and missed a few days here. This is a wonderful angle for an iris and I think the complex simplicity (if there is such a thing) of this view is likely much nicer than a view of the whole flower. Lovely composition with wonderful DOF!

Beautiful Don; reminds me of those crazy nebula photos the better telescopes come up with.

Hi Don,
Amazing colours here. So many subtle variations in purple and yellow. I also like all the folds and textures you managed to capture with your composition.

Thank you for your comments.