Iron Worker at the Kinzua bridge

The Kinzua bridge was originally built in 1883 and later replaced in 1900. The bridge was destroyed in 2000 when it was undergoing repairs and struck by a tornado.

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I don’t see any nature here.

Maybe we can do a tandem theme with the non-nature category as a compromise.

I wasn’t aware of the “pure” nature of the image ,as it related to the post-now I know. Just wondered if my repost has enough Nature in it. Therefore, it might be helpful to state "no man made structure can be part of the image " - in a specific topic. I guess I am agreeing with your non nature subject.

James, no worries.

I really like this image. The B&W treatment is perfect and I love the fact that the rope is real rope! Too cool. I also really like that the guy is looking out of the frame. It adds a sense of mystery to the overall image. Well seen, captured, and processed.

James, the “requirement” (and it’s flexible) is that unless specified, weekly challenge posts need to have a significant amount of nature in them. Obviously the word significant is somewhat an “in the eye of the beholder” choice, which is why the view of two people fishing at sunset is okay, when this fine graphic look at construction in action isn’t. The turned head, his sitting on the swing and the wrench make this an fine display of steelworking.