It was really nasty weather this day

Not sure whether here or in landscape…

Leica CL, Summilux-M 24

This is such a thoughtful, quite photo. The colors certainly reflect the day. And the yellow umbrella adds a wonderful focal point. I’m just wondering if you considered readjusting your position to remove the sculpture from the scene? It tends to draw my eyes away from the woman walking. Really nice composition, thanks for posting it.

Thank you for your kind words. I am not sure that an image from a different point of view would have given a satisfactory composition., It was a fleeting moment anyway. I have added a reworked version to compare. I am not convinced that it works better. Let the viewer decide :wink:

The repost works better for me. This turned out really well. The bright umbrella is the greyish scene works, as does your comp.

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Jaapv, I really like this, especially the repost. The curve of the pathway, the grey, dreary day, and then the yellow umbrella, it just makes it a thoughtful image. I like that the lady is in mid step, indicating that she is out for a walk in the rain. Very nice.

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