It was worth it

Life as it is has it’s ups and downs, creatively speaking i was a bit stuck and not liking what i had been shooting. That’s one of the reasons i have been away, if i cant figure out my imagens how could i do it to others and critique them.
But i kept shooting and eventually some things came out, images that i can see myself in them and make me glad i shooted them, and happy when shooting them.
Maybe this rut was good, some time ago i would see this composition, and because the light wasn’t perfect i would move on, but this time i sat down and waited, and it was worth it. Some clouds appeared on the sky and softened the harsh light on the trees.

It may just had been a phase or something like that, but i missed shooting and now i liked even more them before. The human brain sure is strange.

Technical Details

Composite: No
0.6s, f/11 ISO50 at 67 mm.

Processed to balance colours, tones and remove a electrical wire that was hanged on the tree (go figure).


Nice haunting image. I like the light and the tension in the composition, too.

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I love this image as is. I would also consider a crop that included the top half.

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Thank you both :slight_smile:

@Igor_Doncov i had some compositions of just the top part, ill have to give them a second look.

Thanks again, cheers