It's all about the light

I have driven past this old elevator in Idaho’s Palouse region many times, never in favorable light. This time, it was spectacularly lit. I spent as much time here as the light allowed. It displays as well in color as monochrome. Both are posted. It’s always all about the light,

Technical Details

Composite: No
EF 16-35mm @ 16mm; f/11 @ 1/320 sec, ISO 250


Bob, this is awesome. I love the wide angle look. Both Color and B&W work quite nicely too.

I will have to track down this structure the next time I’m in the Palouse…hopefully next Spring…

Thanks for sharing.



Thank you. It is a fascinating structure. These are the GPS coordinates: 46°40’43.3"N 117°11’40.6"W. I am attaching a screenshot, satelite view of the site along Highway 195.

Thanks Bob, I know right where it is now. I’ll definitely check it out next time.

Both are wonderful. I’ve been by this but have never stopped.

Thank you, Jim. I too passed it by many times, always wanting better light. I finally caught it in great light.

What an interesting structure. I prefer the color because the building seems to stand out better, and the blue and yellow/gold colors really are beautiful. The gold field of grain ties in to the building’s purpose.

Thank you Mark. I appreciate your opinion.