It's always raining somewhere in Hawaii

Mauna Loa is the largest mountain on earth if one considers the base it in the ocean to the summit. If you look closely or enlarge the image you may be able to see the observatory at the summit. This was taken from the southwest end of the island on the way down to the ring road.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

ISO 200, 35 to 70 at 35 mm, F8, 1000th, A7r4, 40% of full frame with the crop

Hi, David. Having never been to Hawaii, I find your photo very revealing and new to me. You captured a different view not often seen around. Kudos to you! The dark cloudy sky set against the green FG created good tension in the scene. It is beautiful. I love grand landscapes for the ample feeling of freedom one gets. You nailed that very well. I have one concern with the use of a widescreen crop here. It is undeniable that it adds to the expansion of the landscape. On the other hand, I see two things added by applying the format in this particular composition. They distract me from the beauty of Mauna Loa: (1) the first electric pole on the LLC and (2) the large cloud mass on the right side. Of course, getting rid of those two sections would go against your choice of a widescreen crop. I don’t know if it is something you would want to consider. This is a beautiful scene you captured. The colors are well balanced and have just the right saturation.