It's Curtains For Inverness

My third month of total lock down and my fifth month of the same in all but name. How I long to travel outside Moray, you can only shoot your backyard for so long. Of all the shots I took on this particular winter evening this one about a half hour before sunset was the most spectacular and featured the most dramatic transient light. A golden curtain descending from behind dense grey clouds looked more like an aurora one clearly visible to the naked eye and of course not green. I wanted to make the most of it and noticed that the display was remarkably static so I set up a rapid four shot panoramic with a long lens and was delighted to see the stitched result was more or less immaculate.

Fuji GFX50S, 100-200mm zoom, rapidly taken 4 shot panoramic.

Hi Ian.

Fantastic image. Obviously the light is spectacular.

What I really like is the the bridge silhouetted in front of the snow topped hills. I wonder if there would have been a shot there - although I appreciate that probably wasn’t feasible in the circumstances; it would have taken a very long lens or a big crop; and how can you not point your camera at that light.

As it is, my only critique would be, too much sky? There is very little to critique here really. Excellent capture.

For what it’s worth (likely very little), there’s where I’d crop it.

Ian, I think we all sympathsize with that sentiment to one degree or another, although the UK has been more restrictive than many. But at least you live someplace that’s well above average on the “not-boring” scale. The conditions here are epic, , the composition is well done, and the processing is good, And who doesn’t like “God-rays” like this? The way the light is beaming down the mountain behind the bridge is just beautiful.