Johnny Come Lately

Sony A77
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 800, 1/40 @ f16
I’ve been watching a Monarch chrysalis on one of our Bird of Paradise leaves for the past week or so and today this little guy emerged. The temperatures were in the 70s so he was eventually able to firm up his wings and fly away. He was kind enough to pose for a few shots although a persistent breeze resulted in a bunch of trashed images. All comments welcome. >=))>

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Very nice, Bill. What a great opportunity to even watch, but to be able to get a nice shot of him fresh out with no blemishes. Great color and detail.

Bill, you’re close enough to the overwintering site so this lady may make it before cold weather sets in. Quite the treat to watch this happen, especially in late November. You can tell it’s a female because male Monarch’s have a small black dot (scent gland) that shows on each hind wing. The details are great as is the setting.

Hi Bill,

A nice closeup with excellent details. I think you overcame the bad effects of wind and nailed this one. Well done…Jim

Really wonderful photo Bill, not only to take but also to have been able to watch the butterfly evolve. This reminds me of something i read recently, think i can paraphrase and shorten it a bit. Goes like this:
“Great thing about fireflies is they are here for just a few weeks, but while they are here, their beauty take your breath away. Allowing you to see the world in a fresh new way. And then you have that beautiful gift burned inside your head. To carry wherever you go and never forget. Somethings are gifts even if you don’t get to keep them.”