Joshua Tree Sunset

Can’t decide if this is the orientation I like, or this one:

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

If I had to choose, I’d prefer the horizontal over the vertical. To me, the appeal here is the golden glow near the horizon, and the silhouettes of the Joshua Trees. To my taste the sky is too dark and too purple. The vertical gives more play to the dark sky, and the silhouettes are slightly smaller, which I guess is why I prefer the horizontal. To me, the color gradient from yellow to purple is more interesting than the deep purple sky, and the horizontal shows more of this color gradient.

Similar to your prior post, I would suggest cropping or cloning away the Joshua Tree near the right frame edge in the horizontal, its too close to the edge for me.

Horizontal for me as well.

You do have some banding in the images. Are you processing in a 16 bit colour space? If so I would look at any feathering in your masks when processing or introduce some grain to the sky to remove the banding.

I love the orange and purple light. You have just enough terrain to anchor the image. You might consider cropping, or cloning the cactus in lower right corner.

Definitely the horizontal for me. I really like the sense of space.


Horizontal for sure. I really like the color gradient - but there’s just too much darkness in the vertical approach. The horizontal allows the complete gradient to show without really wasting much of the dark space up top - it’s a continuous transition, if that makes sense.

I wasn’t there so not sure of your options, but sure would have liked if you were able to get the Joshua trees extended higher in the sky; either from a lower, or closer perspective to get the viewpoint with more silhouetted trees. As presented, I’m just wishing for more and feeling like what is included is cut off somewhat.

The color gradient though is quite striking.


A square crop of your vertical image would work for me.