Journey To The Towers

This is an image I took this year on a trip to Moab. I was coming back from Colorado national monument and there had been storms all day. As I was coming back the storms were clearing a bit. The sunset lit up the towers and the clouds drifted over the Colorado river. It was a spectacular scene. I was extremely tired from traveling and shooting all day, but I knew this was a special moment. When I saw those towers lit up I could hardly put the car in park before rushing out.

I was at the right place at the right time and had to rush to get this image. After the light was gone, and you can see how fleeting it was with the tip of the towers in shadow, I took pictures of multiple people who had stopped to witness the scene at their request.

I think people think that when you are any type of photographer that you would take good pictures. But as a landscape photographer and in the euphoric state I was in, I doubt the pictures were any good, but they seemed happy nonetheless .

Technical Details

Composite: No
Gfx 50r with 110mm GF
f 5.6
ss - 1/320
iso - 160
processed in lightroom

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