Joyous Aspens + Reword

REWORK (incorporating Roberta’s & Phil’s ideas)


I couldn’t help but be cheered up by the morning back light through an aspen grove. Not to mention the fun to be had by fooling around with ICM - that is quite an engaging pursuit, even if most of the shots are rubbish.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments welcome. The contrast is somewhat low on purpose, as I wanted a light-hearted feel, but maybe it could use a bit more.

Technical Details

a7r3, 42mm, f/22, 0.3s, ISO 100, polarizer, hand held.

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Bonnie, I really love this - the lighthearted feel, the curlicues ICM, the beautiful light and the color. I might add a vignette to keep the viewers eye inside the frame. The moderators may have more to say, but I wouldn’t change anything else!

Hi Bonnie. I agree, it has this lovely playful feel about it with the pastel colours and muted tones. I like that you can just see enough leaf detail. Maybe a SLIGHT darkening of the trunks on the left may help to keep attention in the image as I find my view drifting to the RHS darker trunk and then it seems to hover toward the edge there. Roberta’s suggestion of a vignette may work well. Cheers.


Welcome aboard! :slight_smile: I like the brightness here - uplifting and fits your title and reaction to the scene you were experiencing.

Kudos and well done on the movement - love the semi-circular movement and especially the end results from the leaves and highlights. Can’t say I’d change anything! Excellent!

Very true and which speaks to the randomness of this technique. Over time though, I think there can and is a method to the madness and one can begin predicting what conditions, subjects, light and motion will produce good results. In the end - it’s just fun!

Thanks, @robertakayne, @Phil_G, and @Lon_Overacker.

Roberta, I did put a bit of a vignette on this, but increased it a bit for the rework.

Good idea, Phil. I’d lightened that main trunk on the right, but didn’t think to darken the left to match better.

I agree. One just has to experiment a lot.

Hi Bonnie, this is a wonderful image with a playful quality to it. ICM is a great way to exercise creative muscles. I like the swirly patterns in your shot.

I think the contrast level looks good overall. I would like to recommend a vertical 4x5 crop to include the left side of the image. I’m finding the darker trunk on the right of center a bit distracting.

Also, if I read it the email correctly, congratulations on your Lenswork Trilogies selection!!

Rework is a step up Bonnie! Thanks for taking the time to consider the feedback!

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Thanks @Alfredo_Mora Alfredo. Yes, that dark trunk is a bit out of place. Perhaps I’ll try your crop suggestion, but I usually don’t like cropping that much. And thanks on the Trilogies thing - I’ll have a set in there. :slight_smile: