Jumping Spider

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5ds-r, 180 macro with manual focus at f-18 and 1/160 sec., and iso of2000. No opportunity to use my diffuser to lesson the bright sun on subject. The spider ducks away quickly then reappears on another location within the plant.


Overall very good, but the face seems a little light to me. Crisp detail, especially in the pedi palps. Darn spiders just won’t hang on while you get your gear!

Wayne, you got in there pretty close to this little guy. Nice details in the spider. The light is harsh, but it sounds like you could either run get your diffuser, and miss the shot, or take the shot and deal with the lighting. Good choice.

John …an element of nature that I always love to shoot. Those eyes and the green “fangs” is beautiful. May be you should look around in the same location, and you may find it .

Balan Vinod

Great Photo image John, not sure how you got that close without him jumping at you. That is one thing that brothers me with spiders. A thousand bees buzzing around great, but one spider…

Thanks everyone. This jumping spider has been at home in one of my flower plants. It generally hides until one of the tiny green flies lands close to him and it will disappear from one location on the plant and reappear at another location. I’m using the dual Bolt macro flash now and hope to catch this fellow in the morning or evening without the harsh sun light.