Junior's Great Adventure

We have a Trumpeter Swan family at a pond near my home. Needless to say, I have been watching them closely since they showed up this Spring. The female has been sitting on eggs for a while now and the last time I stopped by they had hatched! Most of them could be seen occsionally when she lifted her wing but they weren’t out and about very much. One of the cygnets was muich more adventerous than the others though and came out from under and was climbing all over Mom and the nest and investigating everything. For the sake of the story I am calling it a little boy because he was acting a lot like I used to :wink: So here’s the story of Junior’s first big adventure :slight_smile:

Junior was at the edge of the nest and was reaching out to taste the veggies:

All of a sudden he stretched too far and lost his balance, falling into the water!

He landed upside down and didn’t quite know what to do:

He finally got turned over but was still a bit unstable:

He finally got upright and stable:

After a couple minutes he figured out that if he just tried to walk he could move in the water and even control his direction so he headed back toward the nest:

Once he managed to get back to the nest he had another challenge to overcome. A steep enbankment to climb!

It took him a number of attempts but he finally managed to scramble back up on top of the nest:

Here he is, back with Mom and telling her all about his great adventure!

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.

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This is an adorable story Gary. I love the sequence of photos. Could be a children’s story about the little guy who ventured to far to soon. Great capture.

Wonderful sequence. Makes me smile a lot.

Well seen, described and shown - really liked this!

Wonderful! Huge smiles!!!