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Is this a composite: Yes

2 images . the top icm, the lower part a normal image . An experiment


This is a banger for me, I’d say 100% success! The light gracing the side of the fore trunk along with the ephemeral leaves makes this a win.

I guess I can see where this may be too jarring for some (fleeting top, anchored bottom) but I like it. Have you considered experimenting with a gradual transition?

Very cool looking experiment Ben! The lighting is exquisite and the spacing of the trees is perfect IMO. This worked out very nicely.

What a cool idea, Ben. And you handled it expertly. This has to be one of my favorites of yours. And there are a numerous favorites! Well done, sir!

A very successful experiment. I agree with Jay about the light on the side of the lead tree. For me it ties the top to the bottom and makes this work very well.

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Please don’t hit me, I bruise easily…and I do love experiments and I like what you’ve done here but I feel like there is a slight off-balance to the overall scene.

I added just a touch of brightness on the plants at the very back corner, just past the trees. In opposition to that, I knocked down the brightness of the highlight middle right (and in the center) that leads the eye into the scene, then for added measure, knocked down the reds in the leaves on the ground ever so slightly and lastly, gave a bit more separation between the first primary tree and the second tree to the left.
This still leaves the focal point as the tree, but allows the eye some movement without being totally confined. It’s just a thought.

Interesting experiment Ben; I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Kudos on being creative.

Wow, this is beautiful,Ben. All of your images always focus on the light in a scene. Which is what is really drawing me in and also at first glance I didn’t even realize the ICM part of it on the top! It all blends so well. Really well done! Question, did you take both images at the same time? Because it really looks like it all belongs together.

I’m really loving this experiment!

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Very cool - the ICM leaves are gorgeous, as is the light and color of the leaves at the bottom. What was your thinking in having 100% ICM on the top and 0% on the bottom? It feels as if there could be more of a transition between the two, but I don’t know what your intent was, so maybe that idea is off base. Kudos for experimenting!

@Vanessa_Hill , I did take the images at the same time and blend them later together in photoshop. . For the top one I moved the camera a few times to the left and the right using in camera multiple exposure.

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@Bonnie_Lampley , thank’s for your attention. I agree with you, there should be more transition. Therefore it was an experiment. I am trying more with this and in camera multiple exposures .

@chris10 , No I am not gonna hit you. I have to thank you for your rework and attention to my image.These small changes can do a lot to an image and the personal feel about it.

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