Juvenile Bald Eagle

I captured this handsome eagle along the Mississippi River just outside Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. I like the high key effect and the feather detail. I am fascinated by the coloration of these juvenile eagles. In my humble opinion, they are every bit as beautiful as the fully mature birds.

Canon 1DX Mk II
Canon 200-400 f4 L IS
ISO 500

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Jerry, this image is a real sleeper. The thumbnail was unimpressive and I almost didn’t open it. As soon as I did, I was grateful for my decision! The details and clarity of this image is excellent! Even the white feathers have texture and fine detail. The high key look works nicely because no details were sacrificed. Very nice shot!

Nice! I also think the juvie baldies are beautiful - all the different patterns among them, as they mature.
Sweet pose here, fine detail, and bright eye.
I’d personally clean up some of the small branches, especially those closely around the bird .

I love seeing non typical shots of eagles. This is a nice one. Great capture.

Who says the mature bald eagles need all the attention? I’m happy with any eagle in front of my lens! I really like the pose of this eagle, he’s a handsome fellow! Great choice for high key.