Juvenile Great Horned Owl

We have a pair of great horned owls that have been living in a wildlife refuge in Los Angeles for a few years (at least 5). I have very little good luck in getting good images of them. You know how GHOs are, they only start moving around when it’s almost dark. But once in a while, I get lucky and they will move when there is still something that I can salvage. To this day, I can count with both of my hands the number of such occasions. One of these days, I will win the lottery for the 400/2.8. All feedbacks are welcome!

Nikon D750, 500mm, f/4, 1/500, ISO 4000

This is a 50% crop (12MP remaining from the original 24MP).

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Hi Adhika, this is a twilight image that conveys both the subject and lack of light at the time. While I wish it was a bit brighter, I understand keeping true to the scene and not wanting to introduce a lot of noise to the image. The distinct eyes help to make the image workable as is.

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Excellent composition, Adhika. I like the way you chose to leave the image dark to represent when you took it. This works very well for my taste.

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Image has a very accurate mood with respect to what one would find near dark. In some ways, I would also like to see it half stop lighter but I understand what you are trying to do. Excellent for the conditions. The 300 mm 2.8 Nikon lens is exceedingly sharp, more so than the 400. At least look at both. I had the 300 and traded it in for the 300 PF which is several pounds lighter and just as sharp but not so good in this kind of lighting condition.

Thanks @Allen_Sparks, @Dennis_Plank, and @David_Schoen!

David, I also have the 300PF and I am really happy with it. It’s super sharp, super versatile, and super light. This is also another reason I have not been getting the 500PF. But yeah, I would love to have the 2.8 for this kind of situation. I have no idea that the 300/2.8 is that good even when compared with the 400/2.8. From what I have heard about the 400, it is a super sharp lens. It bothers me that the 400 is super heavy. I probably should consider the 300. Is it good with TC’s (2x even?)

While not a Nikon shooter, both Canon and Nikon 300 f/2.8 lenses have great reputations, Adhika. I know the Canon works superbly with both the 1.4 and 2.0 TC and I would suspect the Nikon does the same.