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I came back a few days later with my granddaughter, Anna (13 years old and had never seen an Eagle) to see if the chick had started to fly and I hoped to show her what a fully grown Bald Eagle looks like. Well, the chick is getting closer to flying and Anna really liked seeing the mature Bald Eagle.
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I have included Anna’s first photograph with any SLR or pro base camera.

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Technical Details

Cannon R5, Cannon 100-500mm & 1.4Ext, f10, 700mm, 1/1600, ISO 4000, Shot at 6:45 PM. The shot is cropped bye 50% into a 16 by 9 and I used local control points to bring up the Eagle’s whites and lower the highlights in the pine tree. (DXO Photo Lab 5)

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Love how you captured the parent taking off from the tree with the young one looking on in the background, Peter. Seems like a training session going on! Nice first picture that your granddaughter, Anna, took! You’re teaching her well!

I think the first image would work better if the adult were the focus rather than the juvenile, Peter. With the angle of take-off it would be an awesome image. Your granddaughter has a lot of potential.

Hi Vanessa & Dennis
Thank of the comments, I took another look at the adult in Topaz Sharpen AI and applied a mask to it.
Here is the results.

Anna said thank you and is ready to photograph more birds.