Always pleased to get a picture of a kingfisher. Quite like the blu against the dark background. I have one image facing one way and the second the other showing the nictitating membrane

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Is this a composite: No


These little fellows are always so elusive for me…never have had the chance to even point the camera before they’re gone. Nice catch.

Hi Eduard
Nicely photograph, I would have to go with the first shot. You are right about the Kingfisher 's blue against the black background and the framing bring my eye right to the Kingfisher.

Like @peter I prefer the first shot. The dried grass conjures up the river nicely. Maybe clone out that pale slice in the BG top left. The black BG really makes this for me.

The first one works better between the two - I would consider cropping the left 20% and bottom 15%

Out of curiosity how did you get a dark background like this ?

I like both images, Eddie. The branches frame the bird nicely and let you get away with the centered position of the bird. I too am interested in how you got such a dark background.

The dark background is just the shaded side on the opposite side of the Potomac river