Kolmanskop was the first mining town built in the Namibia after diamonds were discovered in 1908. Water had to be trucked in from 60 miles away, there were high winds day and nights with sand everywhere. The town survived until 1943. It is steadily being reclaimed by the sand. My enthusiasm for crawling around in the sand was diminished when someone in the group found a sand viper… they are related to sidewinders and bury themselves in the sand with only eyes and tail exposed.

This is now a National Park and I’m starting to see similar images on the internet but it was a fun “ghost town”.

Fuji X-Pro2, 15mm ffe, iso 400, 3 sec @ f14


Oh, my! The sand is really taking over! You’re emphasis on the sand and then the series of doorways looks great, Craig. The color contrasts are nicely dramatic also.

Wow, this is great. I love all the contrasts - the angled dunes against the vertical door frames, the golden sand against the blue walls, the natural against the man-made. And the paint on that middle distance wall is surreal, it looks like clouds in a blue sky.

It really was a fun place to explore. We got in at daybreak three hours before it opened to the public. The architecture was unique… German Victorian and the paint and wallpaper remnants were colorful and varied from room to room.

Amazing composition. I always love the photos from this location. Those blue tones with the sand is just perfect.

Good job

Thanks, it is a place unlike any of the “ghost towns” I’ve visited.