Kosciuszko S

Got a chance to hike in Mt Kosciuszko here in Australia last October & captured this shot the morning after camping overnight.

The idea for the composition was to use the pool in the foreground both as an element that reflects the light & builds up the importance of the rock structure & to create an S type curve in the foreground leading up to the sun star.

On the left side of the image, the areas that were in shadow were in frost so I tried to emphasize this a little more to show the line of warm light on the right hand side.

Specific Feedback Requested

Does the composition work, is there anything you can see that could help it?

How do the colours look? more specifically how does the sky look (I warmed it a little to fit in)

Any other feedback is greatly appreciated

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
single image brought into lightroom, photoshop & editing in camera raw with dodge & burning

What a great location! I am a sucker for reflections! This might benefit from showing us more detail in the reflection. It’s tough since reflections are always darker and more saturated that the item being reflected. Maybe slide the highlights down a bit to enhance the sunburst and then lighten the shadows to show those darker details. Maybe a lower perspective that shows more of that bush in the foreground. Its is great shot for sure!

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I like the composition, the placement of everything looks good. At first I was bothered by how the pool exits the frame on the left. But eventually thought the rock formation along the left edge had enough visual weight to keep the viewers eye within the frame, and not get pulled out by the pool exiting the image.

The color of the sky looks fine to me, I prefer to see it warm like this. However for my subjective taste, I think you may overdone the cooling of the left side of the foreground, it just doesn’t feel right to me. In the foreground there is too abrupt a transition from warm to cool, and the cool is too cool. I would try to balance the color temperature a little better, it just looks overdone. I also think having the foreground this cool slightly defeats the impact of having the S-curve of the pool, if it was a bit warmer the S-curve might stand out more.

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