Lake Superior Moods

This is another image I made on my recent Lake Superior photo trip to the North Shore. Lake Superior is all about moods to me and this early morning it was in a wonderfully quiet and peaceful mood. It was just starting to get some light when I got there around 4:30 AM. I decided to do a 30 second exposure and quite liked how it came out. I wanted that dark early morning look / feel and this image did that for me. It looks very close to what I remember seeing and feeling on that wonderful morning.
Any thoughts on comp, processing or anything else welcome. Thanks!
Canon 5DMK4, 24-105F/4 L @24mm, ISO 50, F/16, 30 sec.

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This image does a great job capturing the mood and feel of the morning you describe. It is really tranquil and peaceful and looks great to top it off.

Harley, Appreciate getting your thoughts on it. Thank you! Nick

Love the mood on this :raised_hands: I think you nailed it with that early morning feel before light fills the sky. Lovely lovely :raised_hands:

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Moody and mysterious; I love it, Nick. This has a calm and serene feel to it which I find very inviting. The warm and cool tones compliment each other beautifully and I like the way the horizon disappears into the fog. The 30 second exposure did a fantastic job of smoothing the water and enhancing that peaceful mood. Did you happen to get any comps without that rock on the right as I think that would also work. This looks like a perfect way to start the day to me.

Nick, one of the things I enjoy most about landscape photography is that it allows one to witness special times of day like this misty sunrise. Moments in nature like this are not seen by that many people. But your image does a great job of conveying the calm and peaceful mood of this scene, it makes me feel like I am there, I can almost hear the loons calling in the distance…

I like the dark processing you used for the water and landscape, it really makes the highlights pop in this image. The 30 second exposure did a wonderful job with the water, further enhancing a feeling of serenity. If anything, I’m surprised that there is this much definition in the clouds with that long an exposure, you must not have had much wind that morning.

It’s interesting, but I think this image is equally effective if it is flipped horizontally, I kind of like having the rocks on the left in this alternate approach. But it works very well as presented too.

You witnessed a beautiful sunrise. Thanks for sharing this magical moment.

Ynez, Ed L., Ed M. and Patricia, Thanks so much for your comments and thoughts on this. Very much appreciated. Hardly any wind on this early morning so the 30 sec. exposure did keep some definition in the clouds and I was happy about that. I did shoot a couple of comps without the one rock but haven’t processed those yet. I guess this one appealed to me a little more. I’ll post another of this sunrise soon that was shot a bit later and with more foreground and trees. Thanks, Nick


Great atmosphere and a wonderful mood to this one. Kudos for the long exposure, it served you well.

I really can’t find much to critique. I think the only suggestion might be a slight crop off the bottom for an even more pano look. The spit of land and length of the horizon and sky along with the jutting out of the rocks, I think would be served well in a more narrow format - but I don’t really want to touch the gorgeous sky. Of course this is quite beautiful just as presented too.


Thanks Lon, Appreciate your thoughts! Think I will try the pano crop and see how it looks. I agree it might work quite nice. Thanks!