Lamar Valley Sunrise

Yellowstone National Park, The First and the Best. Established in 1891, the park has been a sanctuary for me and my wife for 30 plus years. We both the outdoors and camping and to add photography to the mix is the icing on the cake. I shot this scene in 2017 on an early morning scouting trip to find the Lamar Valley Wolf Pack. Didn’t see or hear the wolves, but the view was stunning. It was chilly being the middle of September at 7:45 am. Our morning started at about 5:30 since this was about an hour’s drive from Madison Junction. I was able to pull off the road on a nice large pull-off to set up.

Technical Details

Composite: Yes
Camera: Canon EOS T3
Lens: Canon 18-55 f/3.5-5.6, IS II
Settings: ISO 200, f/8, 1/90 sec, 21mm

This image is a composite of 7 images stitched together horizontally. I’ll shoot both horizontal and vertical depending the scene and composition. When shooting Panoramics that I am going to stich, I do not usually use my tripod, although I did have it at the ready. Using LR’s Merging tool, the images stitched together nicely. The overall size of this image is 87 mb, so good detail for a large print. Post production enhancements also include: Using Adobe Landscape profile. Sliders: Light - exposure +0.83, contrast +5, highlights -68, shadows +67, whites +14, blacks -20. Color: Orange - Saturation +24, Lumin +23; Yellow - lumin +19; No effects changes; Detail - added quite a bit of sharpening to +150, Noise reduction to 6 and Color Noise reduction to 40.