Land Otter - Spring Fling #1

I stopped by the swan pond to shoot photos of the swans but was surprised by a pair of Land Otters that were enjoying a Spring fling on the mostly frozen lake. They were playing, wrestling and eventually mating and I have photos of all of the above :wink:

Specific Feedback Requested

Any & all

Technical Details

Sony a6500, SEL200600G + 1.4 TC @ 840 mm (1260 mm w/crop factor), ISO-400, f/10, 1/2500, hand held.


Very cool interaction, Gary. Nice detail in the fur, and even the whites of the eyes! Not easy to do with river otters.

For me, there’s a bit too much empty space at the bottom. I think you could give the subject a more solid base in the lower third by cropping some of that textureless snow. Also, I’d watch the strip of ice along the top. It’s so small that it serves as a bit of a distraction… either cropping looser or tighter up there might clean up the edges a bit.

Hi Gary, really nice capture showing this intriguing behavior with fine details and exposure. Seeing the teeth of one of the otters is quite interesting to me. I really like this composition seeing the full setting with nice details in the snow even though a crop from the bottom could be something to explore.

The interaction is awesome, Gary. I really like the two poses and getting a decent eye is tough with this species (at least I haven’t had much luck with it). I like the idea of taking some off the bottom and perhaps some off the top to create a pano view.

Hi Gary
The Otters do have that look of two kids about to get into trouble. I like the low angle and eye contact. The snow even looks good.