Landscape of the Gorge

Shot just before sunrise. I used a polarizer, to reduce the glare.
2 seconds
ISO 400

I like the image with two caveats. It would be nice if the FG logs led into the scene instead of cutting cross it and I think the magenta needs to be dialed back.

A nice woodlands scene. I agree with Michael about dialing back the magenta, as I am seeing a strong color cast.


I like your composition here. Typically I would think the fallen logs would block the viewer; wishing the logs led the viewer in to the scene as Michael mentioned. However, I think those fallen logs frame the scene nicely and are a nice addition to this deep forest scene. The area above the logs is still open and enjoyable to view and explore.

I would agree that the colors need some work. I don’t think you’ve mentioned whether or not you’re using Photoshop, Lightroom or what photo editing software you might have. It really only matters to know so that we can possibly make suggestions.

I went ahead and made some tweaks and hopefully you can notice the difference. First I dropped the magenta saturation completely. But also dropped both the blue and cyan. You can notice mostly in the water. Next I used a Selective color layer for the neutrals and dropped the blue (increase yellow), dropped cyan and magenta. this warmed things up a bit and hopefully neutralized the color cast. But as usual, this is all a matter of personal preference.

Lastly, I cropped a little off the left to remove that little patch of white water which was a slight eye magnet. Then I also burned down and painted some matching color in the trunk in the URC, upper right corner. Oh, and dropped the brightness of some of the yellows (leaves on side and bg) Here’s the result:


I agree that the cross wise logs are not a visual barrier but are interesting in their own right and therefore of interest. Lon’s color rework is great. The only additional thing that miffs me is that dead branch projecting from the log to the bottom. I would just darken it and hopefully that will take care of that.