Last hummingbird of the season for me

I’m pretty sure this will be the last hummingbird image I’ll post this season. They are definitely moving further south. I’m seeing less each day. Keep those feeders up! They need all of the food and energy they can find to complete their journeys.

This shot: 3 flashes, 1 on the background, 2 on the hummer.
Canon 5D Mark IV, 100-400 @ 340mm.

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Lovely composition, Keith, and a beautiful background. I don’t know if it’s your change in flash setup or something with the ambient light, but the flower cluster the hummer’s feeding on has the appearance of being in rather harsh light-very unusual for your hummingbird shots. Interestingly, the rest of the plant looks fine.

This is an excellent capture, Keith. I see what Dennis is say about the light, but before reading his comment, I hadn’t even noticed that. I don’t have the trained eye that some of you folks have on here. I would just be thrilled to call this shot mine if I had taken it. Yes, it looks like the hummers are leaving us early this year. I have tried to keep an eye on our feeder. They aren’t drinking it till the feeder is empty now, so I have to watch out for it molding. I always miss them when the go. For awhile after they are gone and I have taken the feeder in, I keep looking out the glass door, even though I know the feeder is not there anymore.

Another beautiful Hummingbird shot, Keith.

Just a great HB Photo in every way. The foliage is really nice and nice pose.