Lazy Summer Day

This is the upper Sacramento River near the small town of Dunsmuir. It was hot that day so I pulled over and waded along the shoreline, with a camera of course. The water felt ice cold on my bare feet so I didn’t explore too much.

The iphone tends to generate contrasty images so I lifted the shadows a bit to give it a more summertime look.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Any pertinent technical details:

Iphone 8

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Igor, pretty amazing for an iphone shot. Probably much easier to get into the water with a phone than a real camera…

I love the abstract look in the water in the bottom half of the image. What the water is doing to the rocks and leaf reflections looks like an abstract painting. And I do like the contrast of warm and cool colors here. I like the repetition of the gold colors in the URC and in the rocks below.

Your image as presented does work for me overall. But I think a crop including just the bottom half creates a second more abstract rendering of this scene.

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Thank you Ed. I do like your rework … perhaps more than the ‘OP’. I’ll have to sit with this a bit.

This is pretty dang nice for a phone. I like Ed’s repost, it tightens up the composition well for me. Fine little semi-abstract.

Igor, I greatly prefer the original. The sun on the water and the clarity of the water epitomize “Lazy Summer Day”. The image makes me want to jump in and just float around, but since you said it was icy cold, I guess that wouldn’t be an option - LOL. Lovely composition and exposure. That iPhone8 is pretty darn impressive.

Igor, I don’t actually view this as a re-work, I think your original stands pretty well on it’s own. My “re-post” I consider to be a second completely independent image, that just happens to be extracted from your larger overall scene. I often find this with my own work, I often see these “scenes within a scene” after the fact.


I like this as presented! I think it’s a rare time when one can include a seemingly errant branch and leaves and not be a distraction. But clearly the hanging branch adds to the scene and supports the story of it’s own reflection in the water. In my search around the frame though, I’m not so sure about the very small and subtle presence of the green leaves in the UR; but that’s pretty minor.

Nicely seen and the crop works very well.


Igor, I like this alot with the wonderful colors and amazing textures. Ed’s more abstract post of it does look nice as well and I like both.

Sure looks like a nice spot to soak your feet on a hot day. I like the depth as presented and the branch adds a scene of place.