Leaves in color

When leaves in color

Bringing beauty to nature

It must be autumn

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Lovely verse, lovely scene. Looks like your autumn and the one in Northern Wisconsin are on the same time schedule almost. Such gorgeous colors and soft light. As per your usual standards. The remaining green is a nice offset for the fall colors. Is that a beech tree? I miss those. They don’t grow this far west in the US. The trunk looks a little lacking in shadow toward the bottom as compared to the top, but the moss there is a nice bonus.

Hello Ben! Thank you for sharing this lovely piece. Trees are some of my favorite beings on the planet, and for me, some of the most difficult to photograph well. You did that here. I love how you treated the color contrast of the various yellows and greens. And of course the big dark (but not too dark) tree trunk that anchors the whole scene beautifully - so solid and present. I’m kinda wishing I didn’t see those bright green leaves in the top left foreground so much. Maybe if you darkened them? Or cloned them out? They somehow take away the balance of that particular green I feel from the small clumps arranged along the bottom in the leaves and the background greens. But I think my favorite aspect of what you’ve pulled off here are the background, barely seen white birch(?) tree trunks, and then further back yet, the dark spindly trunks of some kind. They are enchanting and draw me further into the depths. Lots of beautiful balancing of shapes, colors and light. Kudos.

The colors are wonderful here and they glow with the brightness you have given them. But I don’t think they would stand out so well if not for that dark tree which contrasts so well. In fact, it’s the interplay between the dark trunk and the bright leaves that really make this image for me. Without the tree this would be a weaker image. It certainly would be different.

A great image with its colors and light, and the darker tree trunk as contrast . A very well thought out composition regarding the placement of the main tree and how much of it you have included, and what you let us see in the BG in the left part of the image.

Ben, this has your signature all over it. Woodland/Park like setting, an amazing tree, beautiful colors and a soft glow. I would burn down the pathway coming in from the right side of the frame and if possible remove the long vertical branch coming out of the LLC and poking up into the tree. It’s a major distraction. The dark, backlit tree adds just the right amount of contrast to this image and it has lots of character.

I agree with the comments about the wonderful colors in this scene. I also agree with @David_Haynes comment about the distracting vine/branch on the left. I think we’d all agree that creating great compositions in dense forest is one of the greater challenges in nature photography, with the need to simplify very complex assemblages of color, shape, and structure beiung a key to success. To that end, I do wish the scene were more simplified than it is, but recognize that this is easier said than done. Nonetheless, this is an evocative photo and I can smell that forest smell just looking at it.


Lovely autumn image. As others have mentioned, great colors and the light is soft, yet still allowing the colors and glow to come through.

I agree with Igor that the darker trunk is pretty important in providing the contrast to the leaves and those colors benefiting from its presence.

Dare I say it… a warm and lovely image, but I would say not as strong or impactful as most of your work. Which of course is all relative… you have a high bar to reach - and that’s a great thing.


Kristen,This is an image from november last year.But autumn is beginning here. And the verse as you call it, is me trying to make a so called Haiku. Thank you for your beautiful comment !!

Connie, Thank you for your good advice. Specially about those green leaves. I have tried to darken them, but I leave them as they are (personal feel). Thank’s anyway ! :heart_eyes:

Igor, again a good and helping analysis from you. Thank you. And for your time ! Ben.

Ola, A fine comment. Thank you so much.

David, thank you for your comment and time .
To me the pathway is part of the scene in direction and color. Just as the branche you call distracting.
The branches keep your eye in the direction from the dark big tree to those birch trees. If you take that branche out, the image seems dull, missing something .

Jeff, thank you for your comment. The branch on the left is not distracting in my opinion , but adding, call it ritme or direction.

Lon, I hope I can keep up to that high bar. It becomes not easier but more and more interesting. And gives me the boost to go on. (english ??) Thank you so much for you support!

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