Length of Titles of Photos

David : Sorry if I have missed an explanation of this but am wondering why it is not possible to have a photo title of less than 5 characters. A couple of times I would have preferred a shorter title and wonder if others have had the same experience ?

Not that big a deal but just curious.

Hi Ian, that’s a setting that is intended to keep topic titles descriptive, but I can see how we don’t necessarily need that here on NPN since it’s mostly image based rather than discussion based. I have turned this off as a test. I don’t anticipate any problems, but I may turn it back on if there are any. Thanks for bringing it up!

Thanks for the response, David. I’ll give it a go with my most recent post.

A related topic is the requirement for a certain number of letters in a response (20?). Why? Often all I wan’t to say is “fabulous” or “spectacular”. More words just dilutes the compliment. I usually comment and make suggestions but occasionally I just want to say “fabulous”.

Hi Tony, this is in place to prevent comments like this (no offense!). We don’t want NPN to be like social media or flickr which are flooded with endless comments of ‘great photo!’, ‘nice!’, etc. We want to have more in depth conversations about images. It’s an effort to make NPN different and stand out from the crowd and all the noise that is out there.