Lens up grades

How do you upgrade a lens or camera body when you get a notice that an up grade is available. I use Canon gear, but not to good at computer use other than basic image processing.

Hey @John_Tobias.

Are you refering to firmare updates on your lens and camera?

Yes, I am. I know I lack the computer skills to do this task. Will appreciated any suggestions . Thank y ou.

John - I shoot Canon as well and it’s not that hard (if I can do it). You want to download the latest firmware from the Canon website (e.g., Google “Canon 5d iv firmware update” or Canon RF 24-70 f2.8 firmware update" and click on the Canon site (US in my case). The firmware download file includes instructions. Just follow the instructions step by step (EXACTLY). I’ve gone through this process multiple times and never had an issue. Good luck.

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