Leopard Triplets

One of the highlights of my first Zambia visit was a day spent watching triplet leopard cubs. We never saw their mother (presumably off hunting), but the cubs were adventurous enough to explore an embankment opposite of our position. This offered me numerous photo opportunities, and honestly, I haven’t had time to look at all the shots. But I wanted to pick an image from the encounter for my “2021 Favorites” collection, and this circle of cubs fit the bill. It was my first time seeing triplet cubs together.

Canon R5
Canon 600mm
ISO 2500



Chasing each others’ tails? One of them looks much stronger than the other two. This is a delightful study of the cubs, Max. You really caught their faces well. Love it!

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Excellent catch, Max. I love the playfulness you captured. Awesome.

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Great experience and lo ely story here Max - really well done!

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What is not to like about three cubs of any kind in the wild playing together. I guess if I had one person preference it would be just a bit more of a lower angle. But sometimes that is impossible.

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Beautiful image which brings instant smile on the face :blush:
I agree a lower POV would have made this more effective, but that’s not always possible in the wild.

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Would’ve loved a lower point of view! But we were stationed on the bank of a dry river bed overlooking the opposite slope where they were playing. I counted myself lucky to just have a clear view and active subjects. :wink:


A great catch, Max, with the cubs playing “ring around the rosie”. The flare of whiskers on the lowest one is a striking detail.