Letchworth Colors

Finally got around to processing some pictures from last fall. This I manage to capture on a quick visit to Letchworth state park before sunrise. The sun never actually appeared but it did cast some beautiful tone. I took this at f/11, ISO 100 and shutter speed of 1/80. I did some dodging and burning to accentuate the light where I wanted it. And tweaked the colors around until I got the result that most match what I remember.


Nice color harmony in this image; well done!

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Thank you! I really wanted a sun star but I think this actually works better.

Nice image. Good job in camera and in post. Thanks for sharing.

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WOAH! Awesome colors and that S curve in the middle is just fantastic. The cloud action is fantastic

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This is simply gorgeous Jose, what a spectacular image. My wife grew up in the Rochester, NY area, and I called her into take a look at this, and it brought back some fond memories for her.

Great image :+1: :+1:

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Absolutely fabulous photo! I have two minor nits: to my eye I would prefer less saturation, and I would consider cloning out the diagonal branch in the lower left. Well done!

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I agree with you on the lower left branches. My final image is not as saturated as it seems here. Not sure why. Will have to look into that. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! It is a nice place to visit. Specially in the fall!

Thanks, that’s what got my attention initially too.

I’d say this shot has it all - beautiful colors, great composition, stunning scenery and lighting - well done!

Beautiful image. I love the strong leading line and the brilliant glow in the sky. I feel that there is a strong vignette effect in the top corners. I feel like the sky should run off the page a little more. Otherwise I think this is a great image.

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This is wonderful. I love the colors. Maybe a little too much dodging in the sky if there was anything to mention at all.