Let's not meet by accident

This pair of bald eagles was exhibiting this behavior several times over 30 minutes.
The Eagle on the right was standing on a moderately shaded thick branch. The other adult, one on the left flying up to that branch and landing elsewhere in the top of this Douglas fir.
It was quite interesting to watch and I was very lucky to get them both within reasonable focus at the same time.
I did clone away one branch below the birds.

Specific Feedback Requested

Very tough exposure because the bird on the left was hitting some late afternoon sun while the bird on the right was completely shaded.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 320, 400+1.4 X, F6 .3, 2000th, handheld, looking straight up at minimum 45° angle, large crop at approximately 30% of full frame

Interesting behavior, David. I like the composition and the look of the incoming bird. To my eye, there’s something odd about the plumage of the birds. They look rather washed out and there’s kind of a faint milky smudge on the breast of the incoming bird. I have no idea what might have caused it.

Hi Dave
Looks like a fun day watching this two and three year old Eagles. I like the framing an interaction. You may try lowering the gamma in curse, to give a little more punch to the photo.

Here is a copy using luminosity masks. This pops a little more but the issue to me is the Eagle on the right is in the shade and the Eagle on the left is in later afternoon sun. To me that creates the exposure difficulties. I think the non flying Eagle could be better but I am not sure how to do it without affecting the other bird… There is sun on places on both birds but ther Eagle on the right is mostly shaded…

Hi David, nice focus on the bird in flight and the repost gives some punch to it. Having both birds in the frame adds a level of interest. A fine image.

Terrific composition, David. The lighting makes it a tough shot. I have no advice, but I can sure see where this would be difficult to process.