Leveling Base

Just wondering if anyone uses a leveling base with their tripod and what your thoughts are. I am considering buying a Feisol LB-75100 leveling base to go with my Feisol 3371 tripod for doing some panos. If anyone is familiar with the Feisol leveling base or any others I would appreciate your thoughts before I buy one.

Hi Ed. I use the Really Right Stuff leveling base and I really like it. It works with a heavy setup (body and 500 mm f/4 lens) quite well, though you do have to cinch it down well if you want to sling the whole rig over your shoulder. I tried a Gitzo(?) device that sits between the base and head, but it didn’t have the strength for a heavy setup. It probably would have worked for a macro setup or possibly landscape.

My one issue with the RRS is that I can’t attach a weight to the base. Before, I had replaced the mounting stud with an eye bolt that made it easy to attach some stabilizing weight. I’m not familiar with the Feisol design, so it may be easier to modify that way.

Same here. It’s about as good as I’ve seen for “consumer” grade. levelers. I’ve worked with a couple of Linhof’s and actually prefer the RRS.

Back in the day when I worked with video production companies (and cameras were larger and heavier!), I coveted the leveling bases those guys used. Very fast, solid and efficient, but overkill for lighter gear we use today. And they also cost many $thousands.