Life Is Good!

I know that’s anthropomorphism, but that’s the mood the image of this female Scaup conveys to me. I have no idea whether it’s a Lesser or Greater-the difference is minimal.

Specific Feedback Requested

I’m unsure about my straightening. I used the bill and its reflection as a vertical axis and I think that’s the most accurate method, but the fact that the bird was pointing slightly away from me makes it looks as if the body were tilted.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Sony a6500, FE200-600 @ 600 mm, beanbag on car window, f/8, 1/2000, iso 1000, manual exposure. Processed in LR and PS CC. Straightened and cropped to 4704x3096. Another oldie-taken at 12:41 pm on February 22nd of last year.

The title fits!! Nice detail and frozen motion with the water being thrown off the bill.

I would have thought that lining up the reflection should be definitive, but I think a better method here is to level the ripple. It’s a little more subjective but a slight CW rotation using the ruler tool fixed it, and still gives a vertical alignment of the light area at the base of the bill. The tip could be distorted by the water.

A fun shot. Nice. Focus and detail look good. I tend to use reflections also. Sometimes I end up with going with what what looks good or right.

Hi Dennis
Some times life is good and your photograph of this Scaup shows it. The detail, color and framing look vary nice. I believe the reflection is in alignment, if you could drop a line straight down it would hit the bill.

A happy Scaup! I like the water splash, the detail, and the color palette.