Light and Shell Disconnect

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Looking in my garden for something different and saw the light on this shell. I have lots of shells in the garden. So im always shooting them looking for a different vibe.

Specific Feedback

I’m posting this looking for feedback… There is something here I’m not sure if its saying anything. This lighting is what drew me to shoot the photo.

Technical Details

ISO 400 shutter 100 f 18 natural light. framed it to divide the light.

Gill, this is an interesting play of light, where the shadow and the black BG makes it look like part of the shell is in fact, disconnect. I could see, if you have it, a touch more room at the top. Nice shapes and lines in this image.

Wow. Thanks. Can’t add anymore at the top. I’m glad you saw the lighting like I did. But I still questioned the composition some. I just saw the disconnect and when I previewed the photo I thought maybe this may work.

Kinda insecure I guess. I’m sure all photographers get that way on their work.

Thanks for showing interest. Means a lot. :camera_flash::camera_flash::camera_flash::camera_flash:

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We do. Quite normal and useful.

Interesting take on the shadows and BG – not sure I would have seen it. But I’m curious that you can’t add any on top. What processing software are you using? It should be easy to add canvas and just fill it with black.