Lighthouse Orkney Islands

This image was made from the deck of a small ship as we entered one of the Orkney Islands in Scotland in early morning.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Any and all feedback welcome.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Processed in Lightroom using radial filters to bring out the sky colors and a light pass of NIK Color efex Pro detail enhancer.

Any pertinent technical details:

5D Mark 4 with 100-400 at 400. f5.6 1/1000

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Really nice soft light and I like the comp with the off-center lighthouse. The red balls are maybe a bit distracting but its the lighthouse that catches my eye.

A very nice scene, Ed. I particularly like the bit of glow on the base of the lighthouse. The sky is very cool. There’s an interesting optical illusion going on for me in this one. When I look casually at it, the slanted horizon along the hill makes me think the lighthous is tilted left, but when I try to compare it with the left edge of the frame it looks straight and then slowly tilts a bit to the right. I think it is actually straight, but it sure moves around.

Thanks Dennis and all for the kind comments. Remember I did take the image from the deck of a small ship. Maybe the slight rocking shows through?? :wink:

Beautiful, soft colours, fine detail, and nice expansive comp.
Mixed feelings about the red buoys - I think I might get rid of them.
Fine work!

Beautiful soft light and colours, really sums up that part of the world and I love the sky.

Distracted by the buoys, I wonder whether you even need the front piece of water. Does cropping to where the middle body of water meets the headland, give a stronger lead up to the lighthouse?

Also lining both sides of my screen up against the lighthouse, I think 1 degree of CW rotation may straighten it up.