Lightroom question

I am unable to update my old desktop to the new OS for Mac and therefore cannot update PS and LR. I have a laptop that I can do this on. I transferred my LR photos from the desktop to an external hard drive. My question is how do I let the LR on the laptop know it needs to find photos on the external hard drive? I can import new photos to the correct folder on the external hard drive, but LR will not read the other photos in that folder. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Did you copy over the catalog as well? If so, just open the catalog and Lightroom will show the old folders grayed out with a question mark, just right click on the top level folder and select find missing files or folders, then point it to the new location on the external, that should be all you have to do!


@David_Kingham: Thanks, David. I’ll give it a try.