I will get back to the Sahara eventually but right now I am combing through my images from this year’s trip to the Sierra for Fall colors. I only got two mornings in the Sierra this year so I didn’t get as many shots as I would’ve liked but this one was a scene that caught me on the first morning. I arrived a little too late the first time so I returned the next morning to work on it. I would love to hear your thoughts about this one, processing, etc. This is pretty much full frame. Only a slight rotation to level.

Nikon D750, 300mm, f/8, 1/60, ISO 50.


You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.!
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That’s just a little drop of perfection Adhika. How much did you have to pay to get that lighting? :smiley:

Superb, dramatic lighting on this intimate scene. Just enough in the shadows to see the fall colors on the aspens. You caught a lovely morning moment on this fall day.

Adhika, I am just in for this kind of light and dark and to play with it in PP.The colors not to much just as it should be in my eyes. In my opinion you did more then well.

Really nice Adhika, the spotlighting effect is very dramatic. I view this as a photographer’s photograph, because it’s really all about light and shadow, and not just relying on bold fall colors. In terms of processing, I think the shadow luminosity is at a good level, but would maybe like to see a bit more luminosity in the sunlit areas along the shoreline (but not at the top of the tree). At first I didn’t like the dark area in the URC, but concluded that it helps to balance the off-center sunlit tree. I think a square crop centered on the sunlit tree would also work, but I think the presented comp is more sophisticated and thoughtful and works well.

Thanks, @John_Williams, @Kathy_Barnhart, @Ben_van_der_Sande, @Ed_McGuirk!

@John_Williams that’s the benefit of living near Hollywood, John! :laughing: But it was serendipity. I was there for something else and I saw this light. @Ben_van_der_Sande, you seem to get this kind of light all the time in the Netherland. Is there any special thing to look out for in the field to know this kind of lighting will happen during its off hours?

@Ed_McGuirk talking about the URC, my thought was a composition that somehow mimicked the lit island. The first “row” behind the lit island has the shape that is similar to the lit island. I burned the layer behind it (the URC) just a bit to separate it. I am glad that in total it balances the lit tree.

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Just the right light everywhere. Balance? It is well balanced as commented on by Ed.

Adhika, outstanding lighting in your image, Job very well done.

@Jim_Gavin, @Ralph_Yakaboski thank you so much!!


If this was all you were able to come away with this on a short trip… I would call this a grand success. This is outstanding. I’d had a hard time placing this and this could be anywhere - but even without your description, the bg aspens help locate this - (not that this is important…)

The light is phenomenal here on the little island. Interesting, the vegetation itself isn’t that striking - but this is all about the light, and you’ve captured this beautifully!

No nits or suggestions here.


I meant to comment on this… I quoted this just to say kudos for returning and recognizing the potential. I think that’s especially important when one has the opportunity to return to a location - to actually go back and catch the conditions you visualize. Well done Adhika.

I did not “see” that mimic effect when I first viewed the image, but after you mentioning it, I do see it now.

Adhika, this is all about light for me, and you captured it in a convincing way to my eye. The diverse layers in your composition add a lot and keep my attention. Great work in my opinion.