Linear profiles and PS CS6?

I have a friend who is still on PS CS6, but she does some gorgeous work. She’s interested in the linear profiles but CS6 doesn’t have the Camera Raw filter so she’s stymied about how to install them.

Is it possible with the older PS? She does use LR, but I’m not sure how current. I need to suggest (again) that she subscribe to the Adobe Photography Plan – I’m reasonably sure she has the computer power to run it.

She can either open her files in ACR which is the raw converter for Photoshop or use Lightroom and jump to PS in “edit in”. It is a purely personal preference which one to use as the underlying algorithms are identical.

But the problem is how to install the profiles – a one-time thing for each one. The instructions say to first open an image (from the camera matching the profile) in PS and go to the Camera Raw filter, which she doesn’t have in the older PS.

That is true… CS6 can only be called obsolete. There are so many new features in CS 2021 by now, and most algorithms have been rewritten. The results from the latest versions are so much better that I have started reworking older images and. the results are decidedly better than before.

Definitely. And monitors and judgment have improved, too. I rarely pull up an old image without reworking it.