Liquid Rock

A shot from a couple years back on the Big Island seems to fit this week’s theme. I went to see the lava twice on this trip – once around sunrise and the 2nd time around sunset. Sunset is definitely the better time to go. It’s easier to get a feel for the area in daylight and wait for the light to get good!

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Thorsten, we glimpsed the lava on the big island in 2010, but didn’t see any nice clean looks like this. This is a beauty, with the clearly flowing part at the top and again on the left. The blue tones in the surroundings seem very appropriate and really set off the glowing lava well. A fine shot.

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Thorsten: A place on my bucket list for sure and this strengthens my desire. Good comp and a fine exposure and capture. :+1::+1:>=))>

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Thanks for your thoughts @Mark_Seaver and @Bill_Fach. Timing the correct window after sunset where the glow balances well with the brightness of the blue hour ambient light is key for shots like this.

Thorsten, I was able to go to the Big Island in 2009, but never got this kind of a view. All we saw was near the ocean, and steam coming up from where the lava was hitting the water. You pretty much needed to be in a boat to see it straight on. My angle wasn’t good at all. We were there at sunset though, so we did one thing right. This is an excellent shot, and perfect for the WC.

I like the contrast between the blue-black rocks and the yellow-red lava and the textures and patterns in both. Very other-worldly.