Little Costco flower!

I got this as part of a bouquet from Costco, along with my food delivery.

I shot on a tripod with a cable release, nikon D850 105 mm at f36, ISO 400, 1.6 second. The ISO was a mistake! This was shot with skylight light (diffused) and window light (one diffused, one not) and a reflector. The background was the gray wall of my office. I did not care for the gray and decided to swap colors. Tried white, which I did not care for and finally went with black.

Happy Easter everyone! Its different but still it is Easter.

Any comments are fair game. Replace color in PS was a new one for me. I never did quite figure it out but used the selection tool and the exposure slider to convert. That was not perfect so I had to do a little touch up.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If the background has been replaced, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Elegant and beautiful, Kathy. No suggestions here.

Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Very elegant indeed, Kathy. Love the shape of the flower. The black BG really makes it show off.

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Hi Kathy, Beautiful shot, I could watch this rendition all day. The black bg is perfect because there is no confusion between the subject and background.

Terrific!!! I too love the bg. Just enjoyable to look at. larry

Exquisite! The graceful curves are beautiful, and the composition and colors just great!

Hi Kathy,

Black BG looks perfect. My guess your next delivery will include a 3 by 3 foot piece of black velvet. Awesome shot…Jim

What? You received a flower? (and a beautiful one which you made more beautiful with your spot on image).

Hi Kathy! This is a beautiful image! The black background works great and you did an excellent job with the “little touch up.” Your lighting and comp are also excellent. Nice work!

Kathy: Wonderful image well worth the effort. Thanks also for giving such a detailed description of your set up and process. It also looks like you did a little work with a spray bottle. The small drops are icing on a very fine cake. Bravo! :+1: :+1:>=))>

Hi Jim.
Thank you! As to the origin of the flower, I discovered that you can order bouquets through Costco delivery. You have no control over what flower arrangement you get though and I think my particular delivery person did not treat the flowers with the same loving care that I would have . Irrespective, I got flowers and kudos to anyone willing to take on deliveries in this environment. I plan to do it again when I need stuff from Costco and I am lucky enough to score a delivery window.

Just a beauty Kathy. The luminosity and the low contrast made a pictorial look and pastel colors. Plenty of details made clear and enjoyable by the moderate color saturation. Excellent the compositional design too. Splendid image and work.

Sleek and captivating curves of the stem and leaf enhance the beautiful bloom. The black background works well in this instance. Lovely image!

A beautifully framed flower, Kathy - the dynamic flow of the stem and leaf especially energise all the negative space perfectly.

This dancing flower has so much spirit! I love the pose most of all, then the details and presentation on the black background. Excellent!

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