Little Egret Fishing

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon R 5; RF 100-500 mm lens; ISO 640; 1/3200 sec. at F 8.


I think this may be a Snowy Egret rather than a Little Egret based on the trailing head plumes. The Snowy Egret has more of "feathery " plumes whereas the Little Egret shows two distinct plumes.

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Thanks @chris10 but we don’t have Snowy Egret in India.

Actually, you do:

@chris10 Ummm… The range map on the link you provided does not show any Snowy Egrets in India. I’m sure Jagdeep would know.

A lovely moment captured really well. The pose makes this special. All of the techs looks great, but it takes far more than good techs to make a good photo. This has a wonderful feel to it.

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Hi Rajput
Nice tan off, the Little Egret (I think it may be a non breeding adult no plumes) has really nice whites and feather detail.

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