Little ones

Since I’m posting this view of ripples downstream from a small rapids on a local river immediately after Ed’s “Big Splash”, I felt compelled to use a contrasting title. :grinning: This is a look at late fall colors reflected in one of the local rivers. (5D3, 100-400 @ 400, 1/80 s, f/10, iso 800, tripod)

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Wonderful, Mark. Love the fall colors and the detail in the ripples, but, I’m guessing, because of your ss the motion and abstract quality are outstanding. I’d love to see this printed very large and hung on a wall. Nicely done.

That’s funny, Mark. :grinning: The large version is a real nice treat with so many details and varying shades of color. This reminds me of all those wonderful ice images you have captured from your pond. I agree with @linda_mellor that this would make a lovely print. I have no suggestions.