Locked In

A coyote at my back porch last Winter. I stepped out with the camera and it locked in on me and just stared while I took photographs.

Sony a6500, SEL200600G @ 300 mm, ISO-1250, 1/800, hand held.

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Wow! He is a gorgeous animal, Gary! That stare is sizing you up! You did a really nice job of keeping that bright, reflective snow from blowing out your whites. Very nicely done.

Nicely caught Gary and a great pose. Well exposed against the snow and the eyes really grab you. The few I’ve seen in my yard have had poor coats so this one’s a beauty.

Gary: What a fine capture of a great opportunity. Looks like its winter coat has come in nicely. At first glance at the thumbnail I thought it might be a wolf since it looks so robust. :+1: :+1:>=))>

Oh wow, Gary, what a shot! That stare says it all. I can’t even imagine having such an opportunity as having a coyote come to your back yard where you would be able to capture a shot that looks believably like one taken in Yellowstone, with the snow and the trees in the background. Excellent shot. :+1: :+1:

Excellent eye contact and contrast here. Perfect exposure. The coyotes in my neighborhood are really scrawny and disheveled.

Gary, the intensity of that stare is awesome. Quite the “backyard” event, wow.

I think he/she came for the portrait knowing you had the right gear and ability to use it.