Lone Birch

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Nice, simple composition. But extremely well executed, Chris. Well done.

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I like this simple composition. The tree trunk is well-exposed. The grasses in the snow add depth. The snow is a little grungy. Maybe try bringing up the whites. There is a little shadowing in the snow. These can add some depth to what is mostly flat snow.

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Thanks for a great suggestion. What do you think of this?


This brightens up the whole image for me, Chris! I think the grasses and tree pop out more against the whiter snow.

Chris, this is an interesting mix of minimalist with scattered details… :man_shrugging: The emphasis on that good looking birch trunk works well, with the details in the trunk looking very good. I do think that more contrast between the snow and the grass is good. There’s a slight blue cast to the snow and I’m wondering how removing it would look.

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Great photo Chris. I love the contrast and how well the grass blades are seen. The details in the tree are very good.

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