Just to introduce myself, here is an image I was privileged to take in a largely barren area a few years back. 1/320 at f/8, ISO200.

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Welcome aboard, David. I think you will find NPN and friendly helpful place. A stark, lonely feeling indeed.

Hello and welcome to NPN, David. I’m amazed at times how any plant life will take hold in such barren terrain. Similar to seeing trees that seemingly grow out of rock formations. This looks to be as isolated as it can get out there… :sunglasses:

Thanks Paul. This is a volcanic zone, and this plant was one of the few able to grow there. In a year of isolation and loneliness for many humans I went back to this image as a little symbolic.

Thanks Harley, I’m looking forward to meeting some fellow photographers in the natural world genre.

Welcome David. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. This image conveys questions, which is great.