Looking Up in IR

Shot handheld looking up at these interesting skeletal birches in winter Vermont. This was with a converted straight IR
I did have to clone out twigs from a similar tree especially along the L side - may need refinement

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Wow, did not realize this was IR until I read the post. I really like the stark colors. Well done.

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Karl: Really well seen, composed and captured. IR is getting more and more play and images like this are the reason why. Nicely done. >=))>

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Very surprising and interesting! Must be a channel swap??

It actually wasnt Diane! I use the color swap for Black and WHite conversions

So, if I may ask, I’m curious how you got the amazing (and gorgeous) color separation between the sky and the trees. I’ve really only dabbled with IR, and only with the LifePixel SuperColor filter, which lets me get a fairly intense blue sky with the channel swap technique, but leaves the greens a washed out tan. Does your software let you modify the WB that far? I’m a Canon shooter and can’t correct the intense reds/oranges that come up with the limited WB in LR. I can achieve what is supposedly a better WB in DPP or with a custom profile I created with Adobe DNG. But I’ve never been able to get a result I like with color, which you have here. Or maybe you have one of the newer conversions with a different spectral sensitivity that lets in more color?

Hi @Diane_Miller
I use Nikon and primarily Light Room and some PS
This is a D4s converted to full spectrum IR. I also have a Deep B/W filter that I can add when I know i want B/W
Supercolor is very nice and allows for some neat B/W conversions. Perhaps one loses a bit on the red side - May I suggest that you try the Hue / saturation in the Calibration section of Light Room - not just the Reds but also the Blue

OK! I don’t think I’ve seen a straight shot from a full-spectrum converted sensor. Thanks for the idea of looking at Hue-Sat sliders in the calibration section – I’ll play with that.

The sharpness of the image is stunning – I would have thought that since longer wavelengths focus at a different plane that there would be some image softening from the longer wavelengths, but it seems not to be the case here.

I like the shot but lack sufficient experience with IR to see the difference between this and a shot done with a polarizer and/or some color slider manipulation. Maybe I need to see two different shots side by side. The texture and color in the trees themselves is really nice.

@Diane_Miller and @Kris_Smith

Attached 2 shots - a screen shot of the raw file of what a barn in Vermont looks shot in IR
The other is this same shot looking up in IR but sky modified some and the R 20% composited using left side

Diane - as much as I would like take the credit for the sharpness, the planes of the branches seem close enough to permit their all being reasonably sharp. The sky may not especially in IR - but that’s good

Interesting – the barn scene almost looks like faded film or print – although I can’t say from any knowledge what colors fade and how they skew.

This is a screen shot and is a bit overexposed because of snow - but the conversion to b/w came out quite nicely