Lord of the Jungle

Took this is low light, had to raise ISO , need to capture the landslide too. Tilted my cameraand took this. Camera Nikon 3200 and lens Sigma 150-500.
ISO 6400
1/250 sec
Hand Held


I like the scene. I think it’s very interesting that this elephant is traveling alone. As far as I know, they always travel in packs. That makes me wonder more what’s going on. I also like the habitat that you present here, the landslide, the stream… There are a few things that in my mind are holding back the image:

  1. The white balance is off. It could be interpreted in the artistic sense but I think it’s more distracting than it is actually helping.
  2. The noise is a little bit distracting for me. I don’t mind a little bit of noise but in this case, it starts to rob fine details in the image.
  3. I think the bright white rock on the right edge of the image could be tamed down.
  4. I would suggest a re-crop.

White balance is best tackled in the raw conversion process, but here is what I get when playing a little bit with the Selective Color and Color Balance adjustment layers in Photoshop. I have also re-cropped the image and cleaned up the edges with clone tools (only if your ethics allow, this is just my suggestion).

Love the river habitat and the lone tusker!
The points Adhika Lie mentioned are worth considering, there is color cast and noise in the frame.
Thanks Adhika, you did a nice job with processing!
I personally like the bottom cut AL has given, but would like to retain the full canvas on the top.
BTW all the females and young ones stay in the herd but male Asian elephants (Tuskers) are lone wanderers, they occasionally come to the herd for mating and establishing their ownership.

Thank you very much for your work, still trying hard to work on post processing. Hope I will succeed on it later. Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

Thank you very much Sir. Hope I work on learning about post processing. Thank you for your guidance and support.

And today I learned something new. Thanks for sharing this, Jagdeep!!